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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a passport?

YES! Please visit the U.S. State Department travel pages for the most up-to-date information regarding passport application and fees.


Do I need a visa?

Yes, but the type of visa may differ depending on your length of stay. Please click here for more information.


What about insurance?

Arcadia University enrolls all participants in a health and accident insurance plan with HTH Worldwide. The plan covers the costs of treatment for most sicknesses and injuries up to $500,000 with no deductible. Details of this coverage are outlined in the health and accident insurance section of our website. Specific questions should be addressed to the insurance carrier. Please note that Arcadia University does not provide insurance for your possessions. We encourage you to purchase coverage for them or to leave irreplaceable valuables at home.


Will I get the courses that I requested on my initial application or course selection form?

There is no guarantee you will get the specific courses that you requested. Because every program is different, course approval and registration processes vary. Please see your program page for details.


Will my credits transfer back home?

Only your home college can answer this question, so be sure to speak with your academic advisor and get their signed approval for each course that you wish to transfer. For more information regarding credit transfer policies, please visit the Credits/Grades/Transcripts section of our website.


Should I make copies of my papers?

Yes. Many home colleges want to review the work you completed overseas before final credit is awarded. Unless you make specific arrangements with your tutors prior to departure, final exams and/or papers will not be returned to you. It is important to keep copies, therefore, of your papers, reading lists and syllabi from all of your courses.


How much money will I need initially?

You should bring about AUD100 for the first few days. You should also bring your U.S. ATM card with you to access any additional funds. See Banking in Australia for more information.


Should I take my computer?

Many students decide to bring their personal laptops with them to Australia for convenience. All Australian universities will provide computer labs for your use, but you may wish to have your own laptop with you. If you bring your laptop, you should be aware of several important issues. Firstly, it is recommended that you obtain a security cable and insurance for your laptop. For more information on insurance, see the section on Security and Insurance under "What to Pack."

Secondly, most modern laptops are dual voltage, and will work in Australia with only a plug adapter, which you can purchase at most U.S. electronics stores. Finally, most accommodation has either wired or wireless internet available, and connecting to the internet from your room may be free or may involve an extra cost. It is helpful to bring a small portable USB drive to transfer files to the computer lab for printing, and a Cat 5 or Ethernet cable in case you need to connect to a wired network port.


Is there any financial aid to study abroad?

Arcadia University has a scholarship fund for accepted students. See the Scholarships and Financial Aid section of our website or call our office for further details.

Ask the study abroad adviser on your campus about other financial aid possibilities and investigate the Stafford loan and the Plus loan scheme.


What's the weather like?

As Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere, its seasons are reversed from the Northern Hemisphere. Summer will last from December through February and winter from June through August.  Australia is a large country with a variable climate; however, regardless of location, the summers tend to be quite hot and the winters mild. You can get an idea of what the weather is like in various parts of the country by reviewing the information below.

The table displays the average high and low temperatures for selected cities or regions in Australia (in degrees Fahrenheit):

  January April July October
Melbourne 79/57 68/52 55/43 66/48
Sydney 79/64 72/57 61/46 72/55
Perth 84/63 75/57 63/48 70/54
Brisbane 84/70 79/61 68/48 81/61
Northern Queensland 86/68 90/73 84/70 79/61
The Red Center 97/70 81/54 66/39 88/57

Summers in Australia tend not only to be hot but also quite humid. If you will be exposed to the sun for an extended period of time, it is important to take appropriate precautions such as applying sunscreen and drinking plenty of water. Additionally, it is a good idea to bring a raincoat as certain times of the year can be quite rainy in the coastal regions.


Will I feel culture shock?

Australia may not be shocking, but it will certainly be different. Returning students report feeling "out-of-it" when they arrive overseas and when they first return to the USA. Read the section on Culture Shock for more detail.


What happens when I arrive in Australia?

Specific instructions on how to meet up with the group will be emailed to you 1-2 weeks prior to departure. Please be sure to bring your Travel Guide with you as you travel to Australia, and contact the Arcadia staff listed on the Travel Guide if you run into any difficulties that may prevent you from meeting up with the group at the scheduled time.

If you are traveling on the group flight:

Members of Arcadia’s Australian staff will greet you at the airport. Arrangements have been made for your luggage to be stored during the Arcadia Orientation, so you will only need to bring a suitcase or duffel bag packed for these three days.

If you are traveling independently:

Please notify Arcadia University as soon as possible of your travel plans. You will be expected to meet the group when their flight from Los Angeles arrives in Australia. If your flight is delayed and you arrive after the group, you will need to make your own arrangements on meeting them at the Orientation venue and will be responsible for any costs.


How soon after the program concludes will I receive my Arcadia University transcript?

We will send an official copy of your transcript to your home school and an unofficial copy to you, once we have received your official transcript from your Australian university. Most transcripts are issued within three months of the end date of the program.

Your transcript will be withheld by Arcadia University if you have an outstanding balance on your account resulting from nonpayment of the program fee (in whole or in part) or special course surcharges, any late fees or returned check fees, damage charges, library fines, or other unmet financial obligations as deemed appropriate by Arcadia University.