National Advisory Board History

Early History

The National Advisory Board was established shortly after the creation of The College of Global Studies in 1965.

Historically, Board members were appointed for unlimited terms of service and primarily as representatives of their home institutions. Board membership tended to mirror the number of institutions involved in sending students on Arcadia University programs. The Board met at Arcadia University twice each year – in the fall and in the spring. Board meetings served as the primary vehicle for familiarizing the Board with Arcadia University study abroad programs. Occasionally, the entire Board would participate in summer visits to overseas program sites to conduct on-site evaluations of our programs and services.

Later History

By the early 1990's the Board had grown substantially and the annual meetings were beginning to function more as a mini-conference than as a gathering of advisors. The College of Global Studies wanted to move toward establishing a conversational dialogue between Arcadia and the Board, not only about new program developments but also about larger, strategic issues pertinent to the work of the institution. The decision was made to appoint Board members to annual terms of service. At the end of four years' service, Board members would rotate off for at least two years at which time they would be eligible for re-appointment.

Arcadia also decided to deemphasize the direct relationship between membership on the Board and whether a home institution sent students on Arcadia programs. Board members were to be appointed as individual experts, rather than as spokespersons for their institution's perspectives and policies. There is no expectation either implied or explicit that a Board member will necessarily use Arcadia University programs as a vehicle for study abroad for their own students. In this way, Arcadia University benefits from the objective experience of Board members rather than explicitly from their institutional affiliation.

Site Visits

Additionally, Board members in their third year of service are asked to participate in a site visit to review one or more of our programs and services each spring. A report back to the Board is then presented at the annual fall meeting. By fixing the site visit teams to members in their third year of service, smaller teams have been created allowing for a more flexible approach to overseas visits. Our overseas offices are more easily able to accommodate the smaller groups as are our overseas affiliates enhancing productivity and efficiency.