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Health Care in New Zealand 

Health and Insurance

  • All foreigners in New Zealand should have health insurance valid for use in New Zealand before departing the US.

  • All Arcadia students studying in New Zealand will be provided with cover from Student Safe. This is the policy offered to all our students by Auckland, Canterbury, Lincoln, Victoria and Otago universities. This insurance program operates usually on a reimbursement basis only.

  • Thus, most medical treatments, doctor visits and medication MUST be paid for in cash at the time of treatment. (Some doctors will accept credit card payments.)

  • You are required to keep all receipts and itemized statements to submit to Student Safe insurance company for reimbursement.

  • The International office at your New Zealand university will explain what you must do to receive reimbursement for medical bills and stolen or damaged property.

  • There will also be a staff member in the international office who can help you with any insurance matters.

  • Remember that it costs nothing to open a New Zealand bank account and you need to do this so that you can be reimbursed by Student Safe.

  • If you need reimbursement after leaving New Zealand you can arrange for the money to be paid to the International Office of the university and they will reimburse you.
Be sure to plan ahead and budget for medical treatment and doctor appointments. Extend your credit card limits so you can be sure you will have the ability to cover any expenses required for treatment of common colds, flus, dental problems, etc. You MUST see a doctor if you are feeling ill.


Medical Services in New Zealand

The Arcadia University New Zealand office has contacts for local physician services to handle non-emergency situations such as colds, fevers, etc. Check with the Arcadia New Zealand office as to the arrangements you need to make.

Ask for an original receipt to submit to your insurance provider. Student Safe insurance company will cover most doctor visits; consult the policy wording for more information. Note: Make copies of the receipts to keep for your records.

For emergency situations, there are major hospitals. You will be given a comprehensive list of emergency numbers and more details about health and safety during orientation.

Pharmacies and Medication

If you take prescription medication for a chronic ailment, we strongly suggest that you bring enough medication to last the semester. The New Zealand government allows you to bring a three-month supply of prescription medications with you. Any prescription medication that you carry with you to New Zealand must be accompanied by your physician's written description of the medical problem, the dose of the medication, and the generic name(s).  

Prescription medications must remain in their original containers. Keep in mind that drugs approved in the US may be banned in other countries. Contact the New Zealand consulate in your jurisdiction for additional information. Since regulation of over-the-counter drugs varies in other countries, you should bring what you think you may need.  

Be sure to list all medications you regularly use, and be sure to have adequate supplies of special items.  Brand names and dosages differ, and you may have difficulty tracking down the specific medication you want.  Be sure all prescriptions you take with you are labeled with your name, the name of your physician, and the generic name of the medication.  

It is fundamental that you provide the Arcadia New Zealand staff with any information that would help them in assisting you in an emergency. This information will be treated confidentially and will remain in the files only until you complete the program. We also encourage all students with a medical condition who might require emergency treatment to wear a Medic-Alert bracelet or pendant.


Special Medical Needs

If you have any medical or psychological condition that may require attention from a physician or psychiatrist during your stay in New Zealand, please be sure to have your physician/psychiatrist prepare an adequate summary of the details so you can be properly treated by a physician/psychiatrist in New Zealand. One copy of this should be carried with you to New Zealand; one copy should be left with a parent or guardian.

You should also inform us of any special needs, including dietary restrictions and/or preferences, physical concerns or learning disabilities, allergies, and strict religious observances in advance of your arrival. It is much easier for us to help you if we know about your special needs ahead of time.

If you are currently undergoing treatment for physical or mental health issues and wish to have access to similar services in New Zealand, contact the Arcadia New Zealand office for more information.


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