Appointment to the National Advisory Board

Board members are appointed to four-year terms by the Vice President of The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University. After rotating off the Board for two years, Board members are eligible for re-appointment at the invitation of the Director. The annual rotation of a small contingent of the Board provides for vigor, freshness and an influx of new ideas while maintaining a vital continuity and community.

A range of factors is considered when making an appointment to the Board. The following represent some of the more salient considerations:

  • A balanced mix of large and small, public and private institutions.

  • Representation from campuses with large international offices as well as those offices staffed by one person.

  • Regional distribution across the United States.

  • The contributions of the individual member to their institution and to the field of international education.

  • Diversity in all its forms.

  • Emerging leaders in the field as well as seasoned professionals with broad institutional responsibilities.

  • Specific area or curricular expertise germane to our programs and services.