National Advisory Board Site Visits 

Evaluation of Services and Programs

Every year Board members in their third year of service participate in a site visit trip to assess and evaluate services and programs at a selected site(s). Over time, every Arcadia program is reviewed by the National Advisory Board. Program sites are chosen based on a number of criteria:

  • how recently the program has been reviewed

  • whether the program(s) has experienced substantial changes since the previous review

  • the introduction of new programs and services


Scope of Visit

If programs are directly administered by Arcadia University, site visits will be unlimited in their scope and consist of examining all aspects of the program and its delivery to students. If programs are affiliated programs where students are enrolled at a host institution, site visits will tend to examine the affiliation for appropriateness for particular students and majors, strength of departments, quality of academic experience, housing, context and environment for the student, the orientation and on-going activities and services provided by the overseas office, etc.

Site visits generally last about a week and can focus on one or more programs. Board members are free to explore and comment upon all aspects of the specific program and are charged with producing a complete written report on their observations, evaluation and recommendations. The final report is presented to the entire Board at the annual fall Board meeting. Typically site visits will include but are not limited to:

  • Evaluation of course offerings and written materials

  • Evaluation of on-site services including but not limited to orientation, planned extra-curricular activities, student support, emergency and contingency plans, staffing, general administrative issues and integration of learning with the overall study abroad experience of the student

  • Evaluation of the academic program - strengths and weaknesses

  • Meetings with students

  • Evaluation of residential and/or housing facilities

  • Interviews with on-site director and faculty where appropriate

  • Evaluation of library and research and study facilities


Comprehensive Report

Board members are given full access and purview to our programs and are encouraged to provide a comprehensive evaluation. The written report is shared with Board members, Arcadia faculty and staff and study abroad professionals as requested. The site visit report provides The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University with invaluable information which is used to strengthen our programs and services.

The Site Visit Reports form a significant part of the on-going assessment of Arcadia's programs and services and provide invaluable recommendations and insights. The work of the site visit teams and the subsequent written reports contribute to the on going maintenance of the quality and integrity of our study abroad programs. The reports represent one of the most valuable services that the Board undertakes during their term of appointment for The College of Global Studies.

Available Upon Request

Copies of these reports may be requested from the the Glenside Office. Please call 866-927-2234. The following site visit reports are available upon request. 

  • Greece
  • Spain
  • University of London (Royal Holloway, Goldsmiths College)