Great Britain

Study in Brighton, England

The University is not far from the towns of Brighton and Hove. Often described as a bohemian mecca for the English, you will find the environment to be tolerant, trendy, eccentric and alternative. Brighton is famous for being the party town of the Southeast. No wonder that in the 1780’s it was the beachside playground of George the IV, the decadent and fun-loving Prince of Wales.  With more restaurants per capita than any other UK city other than London, a lively café scene and a waterfront pier that could be compared to a New Jersey boardwalk – a mixture of arcades, tackiness and fun, Brighton never lacks for something to do.

Students make up about 10% of the population, which means that there is always something happening. The Lanes, a maze of small streets and alleyways that now shelter antique stores, jewelers and trendy fashion boutiques were originally fisherman’s cottages. The North Lane area caters to the slightly more bizarre and eclectic consumer with shops selling everything from New Age trinkets to backscratchers. And there are cafés and restaurants that are delightfully alternative in atmosphere too.

If the liveliness of Brighton gets a bit much for you try escaping to the South Downs. Rolling farmland, small villages, and vineyards will provide plenty of places to get away from it all and explore a more rural side of life. And, London is only an hour away by train.