Study Abroad at University of York with Arcadia University

About the University of York

The University of York's academic program is characterized by small group teaching which can include a mix of lectures, seminars (groups of 10-15) and in some departments, tutorials (1-4 students). Students in science departments also take practical classes.

You will choose courses from one or two departments. If you attend for a full year, you may be able to extend your studies into a third department. The number of courses that can be taken varies by department. In some departments, a single course can represent a full credit load for the term, while other departments may allow up to four courses per term. Most English and art history courses are taught within single term periods. Other departments use some combination of full-year and one- or two-term courses. A single course focus can provide opportunities to explore a single subject in depth.

Your academic progress is evaluated either by assessed essays (usually of 2,500 words) or formal examinations at the end of a course. In some cases, class participation in seminar discussions may also be taken into account.

If you apply to study English, you must have completed four English courses at your home institution and submit a literary/critical essay of about 1,500 words with your application.

You most likely will be housed in a single study-bedroom (though some students are assigned to double rooms). You may use kitchen facilities in any of the residential colleges, or obtain meals from the various dining rooms and snack bars around campus. Menus are varied and include a variety of international and vegetarian dishes. The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University guarantees your accommodation and handles these arrangements for you.

Outside of class, you'll enjoy opportunities to join any of the University's many student clubs and societies. If you have a penchant for media and communications, you can contribute your talents to the University's radio and television stations, and student newspapers and magazines. Additionally, you'll enjoy a full schedule of concerts, films, plays and lectures organized on campus.

You can take advantage of excursions planned by the University's Overseas Students' Association and Outdoor Society. The excursions travel to scenic and historic areas near York and throughout the United Kingdom.