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Study Abroad in Athens, Greece

While Athens is a large metropolis and the seat of Greece's national government, there is a somewhat slower pace to Athenian life than in most cities in Western Europe. Many neighborhoods in Athens retain a village-like atmosphere and are populated by a variety of small shops and street markets rather than large supermarkets or department stores.

In Athens, the day's activities begin to slow down by two o'clock in the afternoon. Most shops and businesses close between three and five. But in the evening, Athens once again bursts with life. The tavernas and clubs host diners and dancers who enjoy themselves until well after midnight. Athens, Greece

One of your most rewarding experiences while studying in Athens will be getting to know the Greek people themselves.

You'll find your Greek neighbors to be, by and large, outgoing and curious. There's a certain enthusiasm and intensity about the Greek people which you'll find contagious. You'll treasure your time spent in Greece–where life is lived "on the street" for all to see, to partake in and enjoy.