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Study Abroad in Cairns, Australia

Deemed the tourism capital of Northern Queensland, the facilities and entertainment options available  in Cairns far exceed what one would expect to find in a city of 120,000. Other nearby attractions include the Great Barrier Reef , less than one-hour off the coast, the Daintree Region where the rainforest meets the reef, and the tropical highland region of the Atherton Tablelands with its wild rivers and pristine forests.  The campus of James Cook University in Cairns even backs onto a rainforest, giving you an opportunity to explore one of Australia's most unique ecosystems.  

If you enjoy the entertainment and services offered by a city, Cairns will not disappoint you. Sea-side restaurants, street markets, and entertainment venues abound.  It's no surprise that Cairns is one of Australia's fastest growing cities given all of the activities it offers. The annual Festival Cairns held in September brings many musical groups, and performers to the city as well as hosting sporting events. 

If you are looking to explore a bit more of urban Australia, it's easy and relatively inexpensive to travel to some of Australia's larger cities. The Cairns International Airport offers non-stop flights to Brisbane, Sydney, Darwin, and Melbourne, making connections to anywhere within Australia easy.