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Study Abroad in Northern Ireland

The cities and towns of Northern Ireland, each with its own history and splendor, present a patchwork of the region’s assorted traditions, cultures and expressions. Craggy cliffs, ancient castles and magnificent cathedrals are among the many interesting and alluring sights of this small yet fascinating province. 

Because Northern Ireland is only about 5,500 square miles (about the size of Connecticut), you'll never be more than one hour from the ocean. As you move inland, you'll find pastoral towns, beautiful mountains, winding rivers, lush forest parks and windswept moors. Within this breathtaking and varied landscape, you'll find extensive opportunities for outdoor pursuits from cycling, backpacking and pony trekking to sailing and sea fishing.

Above all else, studying in Northern Ireland will give you a unique opportunity to examine the rich cultural tapestry of Ireland's dual traditions - Irish and British, Catholic and Protestant, Gaelic and English. Most assuredly, the people of Northern Ireland will welcome you and want you to feel at home.