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Study Abroad in Perth, Australia

It's difficult to put into words the beauty and unique character of Perth. Located on the west coast of Australia, closer to Singapore than Sydney, Perth and its beautiful beaches on the Indian Ocean with easy access to the Outback provides a uniquely Australian experience. With 1.8 million residents, it isn't surprising that there are always plenty of cultural, sporting, musical, and outdoor events.

Perth's climate, similar to that of San Diego, makes it an outdoor enthusiast's paradise. Miles of ocean beaches, paths along the Swan River, and opportunities for yachting, crew, and biking abound. When you're done at the beach or walking along the river, you can always stop by one of hundreds of sidewalk cafes in the city or in the coastal suburb of Fremantle to enjoy a cup of coffee and watch everyone walk by. Or you can hop a quick ferry ride from Fremantle to Rottnest Island with its coral fringed beaches or bike the island where cars are not permitted.

Outside of Perth, you'll find that Western Australia has plenty of places to explore. You can swim with dolphins in Monkey Mia; explore the Outback gold rush town of Kalgoorlie; or visit the Kimberley, one of the world's most amazing wilderness areas.

While Perth is a four hour flight from Sydney or Melbourne, it's always possible to spend your mid-semester break or some time at the end of your studies on the east coast. Spending a semester or year in Perth is a truly special and spectacular experience.