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About the Università del Salento

The Università del Salento's modern campus was built in 1955, a year in which enrollment peaked at 77 students. Today, the Università enrolls over 27,000 students and can boast increasing numbers in its schools of economics, engineering, and science. The facilities at the school are quite modern. In fact, the equipment used is current enough to attract the attention of large European automobile makers, who have established contracts with the school to test engine parts. The Università has also captured the interest of many other multi-national corporations interested in testing cutting-edge technology.

The Università del Salento is comprised of two campuses: a downtown campus with an urban setting; and a self-contained campus located 4 kilometers outside of town, which houses the science and engineering departments. Students may choose courses from any of the departments of the Università, including courses in art history, cultural heritage, linguistics, business, economics, philosophy and social science, engineering, mathematics, pedagogy, law and environmental science, to name a few.