Study Abroad this summer at the Accademia Italiana Florence

Summer Study Abroad in Florence, Italy
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I. Italian Language and Culture in Florence

Arcadia Volunteer Advisors Accademia Italiana Florence Summer

You do not need to have proficiency in Italian language to attend the Accademia. Several courses are offered in English. The balance of courses, in particular in fashion and design, are taught in Italian, although it's important to note that this will not prohibit enrollment in beginning-level courses if you don't speak Italian. More course information.


II. Fashion Design in Florence

This course aims to introduce the student to the practical aspects of the fashion design profession. The course focuses on teaching students what is needed to design a stylistically-consistent collection and developing individual creativity in the production of articles of clothing, and finally, designing various clothing collections. More course information.


III. Design in Italy, Florence

This intensive course is dedicated to the design of one unit of furniture, furnishing accessory, or fixture. Each student chooses from one or more themes, and may carry out one additional project. The final project package must include materials, color schemes, etc., an analysis of the object's aesthetic role and function in a domestic context, and the executive design. More course information.