Study Abroad in South Africa with Arcadia University

Study Abroad in South Africa

Core Course
Introducing South Africa: History, Politics and Culture

The core course provides a foundation for understanding South Africa: from Colonialism to the birth of democracy in the late nineties, to current challenges including education, health and development.

Lectures explore the transition from colonialism to nationalism in the mid 20th century through to the nation’s miracle transition to freedom. It also discusses key challenges including unemployment, education and the HIV AIDS pandemic.

Intended to be an interactive course for all students studying in South Africa, the course will engage students in the community in a variety of learning experiences, from classroom lecture and discussion to guest speakers, site visits and excursions, including an overnight stay in one of the townships. Students will be expected to participate fully, exchange ideas and thoughts, and reflect on their learning about South Africa and themselves.

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Topics include:

  • Basic Xhosa language and an introduction to Xhosa culture
  • Indigenous communities at the Cape
  • Colonialism
  • The emergence of Afrikaner Nationalism
  • The Foundations of Apartheid
  • Transition to Democracy
  • Post Apartheid Challenges