Study Abroad at the Stellenbosch University

About Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University is working on an experiment to become a truly diverse campus community — teaching and learning across languages and cultures. The university is seeking to extend their "world of thought and ideas." A diversity of ideas is important for the kind of university Stellenbosch would like to be, as it stimulates innovative thought.

This ideal is more easily attained in the context of a university community that reflects all manifestations of diversity in modern society: color, gender, religion, class, origin, disabilities, sexual orientation, health and illness, affluence and poverty.

The University's Vision Statement also makes it clear why the development of diversity and an international perspective are so important to Stellenbosch:

  • The University could hardly be a positive role player in the building of a new society in South Africa if our demographic profile remains a reflection of our apartheid past.

  • Our task is to prepare students for the multicultural society within which they must live and work — a goal that will be difficult to achieve if our staff and student profile does not also reflect multiculturalism and diversity.

  • Our striving for excellence will be hampered if we do not harness the potential of all sections of South African society.