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About the National University of Ireland, Maynooth

A small university by Irish standards, NUI Maynooth has a student population of approximately 6,000 students. Maynooth offers an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in Irish culture. 

NUI Maynooth is divided into a North and South campus. A small bridge connects the North and South campus for an easy commute.

The South campus remains the backbone of the university and shares its ground with St. Patrick's College, Ireland's oldest seminary. This side of campus houses many of the university administrative and departmental offices. In addition, the South campus is the home of the University library and a memorial to Pope John Paul II's historic visit to Ireland.

The North campus or "new" campus is the location of the NUIM Student Union, student accommodations, the athletic center, lecture halls and laboratories. The majority of student activity takes place on the North campus, with all of the buildings within a short walk of one another.