Collaborative Customized Programming

Expand your overseas offerings! Design a customized program in conjunction with an organization with decades of experience in academically sound and experientially rich program delivery... The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University.

The possibilities are genuinely collaborative, in that both Arcadia and the sending institution work together to develop program and course design.

South Africa


The College of Global Studies can design a Collaborative Customized Program with your institutional goals in mind.

We will work closely with your campus administrators and faculty to create a unique program opportunity at one of our Centers worldwide, including Athens, Barcelona, Dublin, London, Sydney and Sicily.

  • Arcadia provides administrative support and oversight, along with faculty, classroom space, and housing.

  • Programs can be designed for a semester, January or May term, or summer.

  • Institutions can adapt the content and curriculum of an existing Arcadia program, tailored for their specific students, or design something new.

  • The College will work with you on promoting and supporting the CCP and can provide web portals, application procedures, and an on-staff program manager to work directly with your students.

  • Rafting
  • Service learning and internship opportunities also available.

Please note: In general, The College of Global Studies works with your institution over a period of 12-18 months prior to student departure, in order to offer a custom program that meets your needs.


Services that The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University can provide include:

  • Development of curriculum and program in conjunction with home school requirements

  • Provision of full complement of students services – including guidance through application process, housing, pre-departure preparation

  • Provision of full-time professional in-country team including: Resident Director, Academic Director, student service and housing support, 24/7 emergency phone

  • Health Insurance

  • Australia
  • Transcript Services

  • Co-Curricular Activities unique designed to support custom program

  • Opportunity for students to earn a Co-Curricular Learning Certificate in support of programs objectives

  • Visits to home campus to provide or support: Home campus marketing, pre-departure orientation

  • End of Program Assessment Services

  • Development of program appropriate and unique web portals and program promotion materials

Recent Program Examples

  • London MidYear Program (semester)
  • Theatre in Dublin (summer)
  • Nutrition in Sicily (summer)
  • Nutrition in South Africa (summer)
  • Communication in South Africa (Maymester)
  • Leadership in South Africa (Maymester)
  • New Media in Istanbul (summer)
  • Graphic Design in London (Maymester)
  • Literature in London (summer)
  • Business in Barcelona (summer)

To Learn More

Please contact Rose Koch, Manager for Collaborative Programs, at kochr@arcadia.edu.