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Get the real scoop on study abroad from Arcadia students as they live it - through their blogs. Back that up with news from our Centers around the world to get a feel for what it really means to be studying abroad with Arcadia.

Spring 2014 Student Bloggers:
Arcadia Student Blog - Jessica L. Jessica in Dublin
See how Jessica L., a Junior at Providence College, is getting on in Dublin. She's with University College Dublin (UCD) in Ireland for Spring 2014.
Arcadia Student Blog - Sarah O. Sarah in Sicily, Italy
Sarah O. a Sophomore at the UVA, is spending her Spring Semester in Sicily, Italy, soaking up all that this Mediterranean isle has to offer.
Arcadia Student Blog - Airi S. Airi in New Zealand
Follow Hawaiian native, Airi S., as she blogs her way through New Zealand, during her Spring semester at the University of Otago.
Arcadia Student Blog - Airi S. Taylor in Barcelona
University of San Francisco Sophomore Taylor L. is blogging from beautiful Barcelona for the Spring Semester of 2014.
Arcadia Student Blog - Erin M. Erin in Scotland
Join Pennsylvania native, Erin M., as she explores Scotland, while studying at University of Aberdeen for the Spring semester.
Arcadia Student Blog - Nico G. Nicolette in Australia
Check in with Nico G., a Junior at the University of Virginia, who is blogging all the way from Sydney, Australia about her internship and experiences during Spring 2014.
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Center Blogs:
Check out what our Centers abroad are saying and doing with their students. This will give you a real feeling for the people and places you're hoping to visit as a study abroad student.
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