Arcadia Dublin Internship Courses

Students must register for a total of 14.5 to 16 credits which includes a 4-credit internship course, INPR 310 Work in Thought and Action, as well as 3 additional courses. Students can choose 3 courses available through Arcadia's Dublin Center, or opt to choose 2 courses through Arcadia's Dublin Center and 1 course at Dublin Business School.

  • INPR 310 + 3 Arcadia Dublin Courses = 16 credits
  • INPR 310 + 2 Arcadia Dublin Courses + 1 Dublin Business School course = 14.5 credits

DUBI INPR 310 Work in Thought and Action (Required)

(4 semester hours of credit)

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Work in Thought and Action is a dynamic experiential education course providing the essential academic structure to maximize a student’s learning from an internship experience and connect it to both their course of study and their career aspirations, with an independent, semester-long research project as the primary assessment tool.

Students will intern in their placements for 20-24 hours per week, and the course also includes reflective activity, significant research, and the development of transferable personal and professional skills increasingly desirable in 21st century workplaces.

Arcadia Dublin Courses

Dublin Business School Courses

Admission into these modules will be the decision of Dublin Business School, so students will need to apply for acceptance into these courses.