Arcadia Dublin Internship
Housing Information

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Students participating in the Dublin Internship program are given the freedom to experience and explore Dublin while residing in Arcadia-provided flats just south of the Dublin city center.

Arcadia Housing

Arcadia University leases flats for students in residential neighborhoods south of the city center, concentrated in the Dublin 2, Dublin 4, and Dublin 6 areas. Conveniently located between the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) and city center, students generally walk to their classes and internship about 25–40 minutes but can also take advantage of public bus routes.

The accommodations are self-catered and students should anticipate preparing their own meals and shopping at a nearby grocery store. Each flat is equipped with a clothes washer, television, and telephone to be used with a calling card. None of the apartments have clothes dryers. As energy costs are so high in Ireland, most people dry their clothes on a clothes horse (rack). These are provided in each of the apartments. Wireless internet access is also provided.

Arcadia apartments are available only to students studying abroad with Arcadia in Dublin.

A €20 key deposit will be collected from students living in Arcadia housing.