Arcadia Dublin Internship Program

  • Arcadia Dublin Internship Program combines real world experience with coursework which helps you understand the global workplace.

  • You will have the opportunity to add an international component to your resume by working 20-24 hours a week in your field of interest.

  • University College Dublin Summer internships and Dublin Parliamentary internships are also available.


Resume & Internship Statement Tips

Whether you want to gain experience drafting a press release for a public relations firm, work in event management or financial services, or explore non-profit management, the Arcadia Dublin Internship consists of much more than mere observation or filing paperwork. As a Dublin intern, you are likely to have access to senior management and decision makers. In addition to the new content for your resume, this will be one of the most significant learning experiences of your life.

Your internship course includes:

  • A placement experience for 20-24 hours per week.
  • Structured opportunities to discuss and contextualize your placement in classroom and online settings.
  • A significant independent research project to connect your placement experience, your academic interests and your career aspirations.

Beyond the internship course, you will also enroll in three electives. In addition to courses offered at Arcadia's Dublin Center, you will have the option to take one course at Dublin Business School (DBS). DBS, Ireland's largest independent third level institution, was established in 1975 and specializes in the provision of career focused business and law education as well as the delivery of contemporary programs in the areas of arts, media, social science, humanities and psychology. Degree programs at DBS receive recognition and accreditation by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI). DBS works closely with numerous US colleges and universities to provide quality academic programming to their Dublin-based study abroad programs.

While our internship program is not for the timid and will require good time management skills, the chance to work and study in Dublin provides a one-of-a-kind study abroad experience.


You will earn the following hours of credit:

  • Fall semester: 14.5-16 credits.
  • Spring semester: 14.5-16 credits.

Admission Requirements

GPA Requirements: 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale.

You must be in good academic standing and not on disciplinary probation. You need to submit a complete application including a transcript, letter of recommendation and an advisor's form before your application will be considered.

All internship applicants should submit the following documents in addition to the general application: a current résumé, an internship interest statement and an internship personal reference. These forms are available through your Arcadia Passport.

Application Deadlines

  • Spring: October 1
  • Fall: April 1


Spring 2015

Early January - End-April


The program fee for Spring 2015 is $15,500.

Note: The program fee includes tuition, housing, program activities, student services and health and accident insurance. It does not include airfare, meals or personal expenses. For complete fee and policy information please see the fee section of the website.