The Arcadia University Symposium
on Political Economy in the Mediterranean
Times of Crises: Difficulty and Opportunity

This field-study excursion is available to Fall 2013 students enrolled in Advanced Political Economy:Europe’s Crises: Southern Trajectories and EU Contested Futures (Athens) and The Southern European Debt Crisis in Historical and Theoretical Perspective (Rome).


  • In class, students in Rome and Athens will look at their respective cities through the very contemporary lens of today's economic situation.

  • Leading up to their field study, political economy students will prepare to compare and contrast their local realities with that of their counterparts.

  • Each will identify factors that define and characterize political economy in the Mediterranean region in the European Union framework.

  • The field study symposium will be open to the public and student body, during which students will listen together to external experts in the field.

  • Athens students will act as hosts and show their city through the lens of the weekend's theme, while Rome students will compare and contrast what they see with what knowledge they bring from their own city.

  • A workshop component will examine issues and topics put forth throughout the working weekend, culminating in a paper and presentation.

  • The end of the weekend will be dedicated to visiting Athens with newly forged friendships before heading back to the students' respective programs.

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