Co-Curricular Learning Certificate

France Co-Curricular Learning Certificate

The Co-Curricular Learning Certificate is a record of the student’s non-academic co-curricular and extra-curricular learning experiences. The CLC is a self-directed opportunity organized under a series of themes explained at orientation. Students spend a prescribed amount of hours engaged in activities that contribute to the completion of a reflective piece. The work is assessed by The College of Global Studies and the certificate is awarded to students meeting the criteria.  

Students in France may choose from the following themes:

Art in Paris

Paris Louvre nightStudents gain a greater understanding of art and culture in Paris by exploring some of the great museums of the city (such as the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay or the Centre Pompidou) as well as smaller, more obscure museums or galleries. Participants are asked to reflect on their impressions of the art scene in this cultural capital of the world, to consider how the French present and look at art from all ages and genres, and to compare their experiences with what they have encountered at home.

French Cinema

Students experience French cinema in its native environment. Participants are required to watch at least one movie from each decade starting from the 1930s, and are encouraged to seek out movie theaters in different neighborhoods and multiple styles, ranging from large modern multiplexes to the smaller art house theatres. Students gain an understanding of the history and evolution of French cinema, and are asked to reflect on their experience with French cinema culture, and how it compares with such culture and traditions in the United States.

The Invasion of Paris

In this unique option, students explore Paris through the lens of a video game icon. Invader is a French street artist who pastes up characters from and inspired by the Space Invaders game, made up of small colored square tiles that form a mosaic. He does this in cities across the world then documents this as an "Invasion," with maps of where to find each invader. He started this project in 1998 with the invasion of Paris - the city where he lives and the most invaded city to date - and then spread the invasion to 35 other cities in the world. 

Students must seek out and photograph at least one Space Invader in each of Paris’ 20 arrondissements (districts). They must then converse with people from the neighborhood (a café owner/bartender, shopkeeper, etc.) in order to learn about life and specificities of each arrondissement. Participants are asked to write about their impressions of the various neighborhoods, and how these neighborhoods contribute to the concept of Paris as a city. They are also asked to discuss the choice of each Invader placement and reflect on street art culture in Paris and at home.

France Bénévolat

France Benevolat is a French non-profit organization whose goal is to promote community engagement in France. Students are able to participate in various events during the semester, ranging from one day activities (such as supporting participants of a 10km race for Awareness of Cardiovascular Health) to longer three-month experiences (for example, accompanying elderly persons on cultural outings). Students should contact the in-country staff to learn about opportunities available in any given semester. Students pursuing this option are asked to use a journal to record each individual activity and to write a three to four page (not including photographs) reflective paper on their community engagement experiences. Although the photographs do not count towards the length of the reflective paper, students are encouraged to include them. Possible essay topics include a comparison of community engagement in France compared to the U.S., how people reacted to them as volunteers, and personal growth from the experience.