Arcadia in Granada

Arcadia University Center for Contemporary Studies

"I still cannot believe how lucky I am to have had the experience I did this semester. The Arcadia University Environmental Studies program far surpassed any expectations I had of studying abroad in Granada. Not many other American students in Spain had such small classes and opportunities for hands-on learning. Mil gracias a los profesores, los otros estudiantes, y los directores de Arcadia!"

- Bridgette Black, student at Brown University who studied in Granada with Arcadia.

Spelman College students talk about their experiences with Arcadia's in-country support staff.
  • The Arcadia University Center for Contemporary Studies in Granada offers a unique academic offering enriched by its partnership with the Universidad de Granada and its Centro de Lenguas Modernas (CLM).

  • During your semester, courses, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities come together and bring to life the many historical and modern cultural riches of Andalucía and southern Spain.

  • Students of all language levels are welcome to take Spanish language and culture courses at the CLM (offered in both Spanish and English), which is globally renowned as a great center of learning for students seeking to gain Spanish language and cultural proficiency.

  • Students entering with advanced Spanish proficiency can take classes alongside their Spanish university peers in a great variety of subjects at the various departments and centers of the Universidad de Granada (Spring and Academic Year only).

  • Students each semester can take up to 3 Environmental Studies courses offered in English at the Arcadia Center. Learn why Spain is considered one of the world’s leaders in green policy and technology. Classes are taught by preeminent faculty and industry leaders in the environmental studies disciplines, and include fantastic excursions to sites of interest throughout Andalucía.

  • All students will enjoy many opportunities for cultural enrichment inside and outside of the classroom. Starting as early as the comprehensive Arcadia orientation, students will get to know the city of Granada as well as the region via many included activities and excursions throughout the term.

  • A special internship opportunity available to qualified students who wish to gain professional experience in Spanish educational, NGO, non-profit and business settings.

  • A summer program is also available.


Arcadia in Granada is a unique program that allows for a great variety of learning opportunities. You will have the opportunity to enroll in a wide variety of courses ranging from Spanish language and cultural studies, to special courses taught by Arcadia Center Faculty in the area of Environmental Studies.

Excursion to Morocco
Discover Morocco!

You can spend 4-days and 3-nights in Morocco, through Morocco Exchange! Please note, an additional fee applies.

Upon arrival at orientation, all students will take a Spanish language placement test at the CLM. Both optional pre-session and regular semester students will receive their own orientation and placement sessions upon arrival. Based on the results of the placement test and taking advantage of the assistance of academic advising staff at the Center, all students will be able to register for classes and determine their final semester course schedule. All students are required to take Spanish language as participants in the Arcadia in Granada Program. Depending on the level you achieve during the placement test at orientation, you will pick the Spanish classes and other electives that are right for you. All students will complete a preliminary course form online prior to departure in order to establish a list of course preferences. Please see the course page for more details on how to select classes on the Passport preliminary course form.

Special Internship Opportunity: Qualified students taking all of their electives at CLM may apply for an internship. Learn more.

Co-Curricular Program

The co-curricular program in Granada is designed to engage all students in the community in a variety of enriching activities and experiences, with the possibility of earning a Co-Curricular Learning Certificate. Options vary by semester and may include:

  • Spanish Gastronomy
  • Living the Language
  • Where East Meets West
  • Art, Music, and Folklore


  • Fall and Spring Semester: 15-18 credits
  • Academic Year: 30-36 credits

Admission Requirements

GPA Requirement: 3.0 on a 4.0 scale

You must be in good academic standing and not on disciplinary probation. You need to submit a complete application including a transcript, letter of recommendation, and an advisor's form before your application will be considered.

Application Deadline

  • Fall semester: April 20
  • Spring semester: October 1
  • Academic year: April 20