Co-Curricular Learning Certificate

Greece Co-Curricular Learning Certificate

The Co-Curricular Learning Certificate is a record of the student’s non-academic co-curricular and extra-curricular learning experiences. The CLC is a self-directed opportunity organized under a series of themes explained at orientation. Students spend a prescribed amount of hours engaged in activities that contribute to the completion of a reflective piece. The work is assessed by The College of Global Studies and the certificate is awarded to students meeting the criteria.  

Students in Greece may choose from the following themes:

The Athenian Neighborhood

Students gain a greater understanding that Athens, like any other urban center, is made up of innumerable neighborhoods distinguished from each other by architecture, green spaces, street layout, and most importantly by their inhabitants. Through recurring observation, description, interaction and analysis of the sites and people in the neighborhood, students explore issues of contemporary literature, art, sport, commerce and communication and develop a more thorough understanding of contemporary Athenian life.

Community Service in Greece

Students learn to be committed to a multi-cultural volunteer group, demonstrate a heightened level of intercultural communication and develop an enhanced knowledge of Greek culture and the routines of daily life, leading to a greater sense of integration in the local community. Students lend voluntary support to a group or local organization involved in providing services to a variety of populations in Athens.

 Student in GreeceStudent Highlight
Kristen Moser, Point Loma Nazarene University
The Athenian Neighborhood, Athens, Greece

After being in Greece for almost four months, I have had plenty of opportunities to become immersed in Greek culture and to observe the idiosyncrasies involved in Athenian life. Being a member of the society here for the past semester has allowed me to experience everything from three-hour coffee breaks to Orthodox Church services to the fun and crazy nightlife.

One of the most valuable and unique experiences I have had, however, has come from my short time volunteering at Caritas Hellas. Giving out food in the soup kitchen and sorting through clothes in the clothing distribution area put me in contact with refugees in need of help, as well as with fellow volunteers. Through this experience I was able to learn much about the Caritas organization, the huge need for centers such as these around the world, and, especially interesting, how volunteering fits in with the social climate of Greece.