Arcadia Freshman Fall in London
Pre-Departure Information

General Arrival and Safety Information: What to Expect

London Now gallery visitComprehensive pre-arrival information is provided by staff in the US, to help prepare for the Fall abroad. More resources for pre-departure are available on Arcadia's pre-departure website.

Students are met by staff at the airport on arrival, and transport is provided by Arcadia directly to our housing. Resident Life Assistants will assist with housing check-in and provide vital arrival information on safety and local amenities such as grocery shopping, cell phones and banking. Orientation carries on throughout the semester with sessions on time management, exams, culture shock and preparing to return home.

Students then receive an intensive orientation covering health and safety, with activities designed to introduce students to each other, to staff and to the local area. Statistically speaking, London is a very safe city.

Information for Parents

Local staff are available to students and parents via a 24/7 freephone number.

Parents should be advised that a graduate Resident Life Assistant lives in housing to monitor and support students.

Students are closely supervised from arrival, throughout an intensive orientation and during the semester, by residential staff, London Center staff and faculty.

Parents are welcome to visit the London Center, for a Parents' Tea during orientation, on Tuesday 11 September where they can meet the staff and ask questions.

Health Insurance Provisions

Comprehensive health care coverage is provide by HTH Worldwide. No payment is required up front in most cases. Emergency care is also provided free of charge via the National Health Service.

Hamilton Students' Accommodation

Hamilton students will be living together in the Maida Vale district, a stone's throw (or a 15-minute walk) from Abbey Road Studios where the Beatles famously recorded. The housing is apartment-style, with rooms typically twin or triple, with shared kitchens and bathrooms.

Bed linens, kitchen utensils, internet, laundry facilities and a regular cleaning service is provided.  Landlines are provided which are available to receive incoming international calls. Meal plans are not included, but communal kitchens are in the residence, which are great for socialising and budgeting.

The live-in Residential Life Assistant responsible for pastoral care, residential life activities, regular monitoring of students. She is available to support students and answer questions.

Academic Program and Expectations

The academic program is a serious and rigorous program. While we encourage students to make the most of the local area, they can expect to be fully occupied both in the classroom and outside. Support is provided by Arcadia faculty, who are adept at helping students manage the transition to college-level study. A Writing Support workshop is available with writing tutors. Attendance is closely monitored.  For planning purposes, Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Great Britain; therefore, classes continue as usual.

Co-Curricular Activities

A program of co-curricular activities is arranged to introduce students to aspects of British Culture throughout the semester.

More activities will be announced as they are confirmed, but mark your calendars now: an outdoor residential weekend is arranged for the weekend of 26-28 October.