Co-Curricular Learning Certificate

Italy Co-Curricular Learning Certificate

The Co-Curricular Learning Certificate is a record of the student’s non-academic co-curricular and extra-curricular learning experiences. The CLC is a self-directed opportunity organized under a series of themes explained at orientation. Students spend a prescribed amount of hours engaged in activities that contribute to the completion of a reflective piece. The work is assessed by The College of Global Studies and the certificate is awarded to students meeting the criteria.

Students in Italy may choose from the following themes:

The United Nations in Rome

See the ballet in Italy with Arcadia Abroad

Students gain a greater understanding of the United Nations agencies of Food and Agriculture, the World Food Program and the International Fund for Agriculture and Development and of their significance in Rome. Through workshops and tours of the agencies, the students learn about the impact of the United Nations' work nationally and internationally on the production and distribution of food resources, as well as the personal impact one can make in the lives of others both locally and globally.

Community Service in Italy

Students learn to be committed to a multi-cultural volunteer group, demonstrate a heightened level of intercultural communication and develop an enhanced knowledge of Italian culture and the routines of daily life. These activities lead the student to a greater sense of integration in the local community. Students volunteer on a regular basis, by distributing hot meals to the marginalized populations living in stazione Ostiense, or by conversing and teaching teen-aged Italian students as they prepared for their English language certification.

Sports, Culture and Context

Students learn about the significant role that sports play in the development of the Italian culture, including maintaining health, experiencing nature and the landscape, and building a sense of community in team sports.

English Theatre of Rome

This opportunity offers a complete look at how a theater company is run. Students may help with pre-production, production and collateral events, in the areas of scheduling, marketing and assisting with stage management.

Coliseum in Rome ItalyStudent Highlight
Aaron Dilbeck, University of Illinois Urbana
United Nations Volunteer, Rome, Italy

"I had the opportunity to become involved with a program with officials from the United Nations. I had no background knowledge on the UN at all. I met with people from the World Food organization, the International Fund for Agricultural Development, and the food and Agriculture Organization. Each of these three organizations tries to save the local people from starvation. This co-curricular learning program added another dimension to my semester abroad. I realized that Rome was not only the center of Italy, but the center of important international aid work."