Moore College of Art & Design
Summer in Rome
Program Course

Italian Style: Art and Design in Rome 

3 credits
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The Italian Style; Art and Design in Rome, is a survey course that examines the various aspects of Italian design both in fashion, objects, architecture, public and private artistic expression, personal style, and landscape. The course will familiarize students with the concepts of the Italian design system and how they have shaped the city of Rome as we know it today.
The course is divided in three thematic sessions focusing on the architecture of Rome, museum collections and cultural heritage and contemporary design, fashion and the film industry. Architecture, museums and fashion are subjects which highlight the peculiarity of Rome as a melting pot of testimonies from different historical periods and diverse cultures.

By first looking at the ancient contributions to art and design in Rome we will consider what is new and contemporary and ultimately examine the question of what defines contemporary ‘Italian Style’. Can it be defined, and, if so, how? What constitutes Italian Design as one of the most dynamic industries in the world? What makes something “valuable”? Genres, high/low cultural sources and materials.

  • Block One:Architecture in Rome: What Do the Buildings Say to Us?
  • Block Two: Art Collections and Management
  • Block Three: Film, Commercial Art and Fashion