Study Abroad Service Learning Opportunities

"All I can say is that it truly was the perfect program for someone interested in seeing, doing, and experiencing all sides of Cape Town. I think the daily engagement in the community makes this program in Cape Town unique above all the rest. It was an opportunity for me to work with some of the most incredible people I've ever met, while exploring what I now believe is the most beautiful city on earth."

-Hannah Kast, George Washington University student 
University of Cape Town Community Development program
Global Engagement Program

Service learning enables study abroad students to meet local citizens in their own communities, and to contribute to the well-being of their host country in a unique and enduring way. Listed below are several Arcadia programs that offer service learning.


Community Internship 3002LFC - Griffith University

If you plan to attend Griffith University, you can elect to take Community Internship, a course worth 10 credit points (4 U.S. semester hours). Develop an understanding of how you can contribute to your community and make sense of your academic learning through volunteering (at least 50 hours), along with time in-class.

This course will be something you want to feature in your resume because of the personal and professional skills you will grow during your internship. Any student in the Griffith program may elect to take this course. Please contact Carly Gordon for more details or see the Griffith program.

University of Melbourne

The service learning course, Community Volunteering for Change, will include an 80-hour placement in a non-profit organization as well as pre-and post-placement seminars facilitated by academic and professional staff at the University of Melbourne and representatives from various community NGO’s. Please contact Carly Gordon for more details. Visit the University of Melbourne program page.


Arcadia Athens Center

In the Greek Key course required of all program participants, students in Athens may engage in directed field exploration, or volunteer in a local organization. Learn more.


Arcadia in Sicily

Students at the Arcadia Sicily Center may interview to work in various social service organizations, including those that provide services for the blind, the homeless, and the refugee population. Learn more.

Umbra Institute General Studies

Students at the Umbra Institute can elect to take the Perugia Communities: Art, History, and Urban Life course which is a hands-on course that focuses on language acquisition, academic learning and meaningful engagement with the local community. In the past, students have worked with the Perugian government, local foundations and the Perugina chocolate factory museum. There are service learning components to other Umbra Institute courses as well. Learn more.

New Zealand

University of Canterbury

Students at the University of Canterbury can take Rebuilding Christchurch: An Introduction to Community Engagement in Tertiary Studies. This course critically examines the concept of community engagement within tertiary studies within the context of field experiences and community service projects related to earthquake recovery in and around Christchurch. The course includes 30 hours of service experience. Learn more.

South Africa

Community Development Program in conjunction with the University of Cape Town

Arcadia has teamed up with SHAWCO (Students' Health and Welfare Centres Organisation), an organization founded and governed by the students of the University of Cape Town, to offer students a chance to contribute to communities in need. Learn more.


Fundación José Ortega y Gasset

Students undertaking an internship in Toledo can choose to work with the local chapter of the Red Cross, the archdiocesan charities, or various other community-based groups Beginning this fall, students at the Fundación may take a three-credit language and culture course called Spain and the Immigrants. This course, combined with a service learning opportunity at a non-governmental organization in the Toledo community, focuses on the burgeoning immigration phenomenon in Spain and its struggle to integrate the newly-arrived settlers from diverse backgrounds into the community. Learn more.