English as a Second Language (ESL)
Core Courses

At the beginning and intermediate levels (096-099), students take a set of three integrated skills-courses as part of the core curriculum. These three courses include the following: Writing and Reading; Speaking and Listening; and English Grammar. Students at the advanced level (level 100) may take the following integrated skills courses that address academic content areas.

ESL 100C Culture & Communication This course focuses on formal and informal conversation in various social settings. The class addresses how people use language to communicate clearly and effectively with others. Class topics include communicative functions such as apologizing, requesting, and agreeing/disagreeing in social context as well as the use of communicative strategies to make oneself understood by others.

ESL 100P Clarity & Accuracy in English Pronunciation This is an undergraduate seminar course that is offered to non-native speakers of English at various proficiency levels. The course focuses on helping students reduce their accent in English and develop strategies to make their pronunciation clearer to others. Class topics include how to pronounce difficult consonant and vowel combinations in English, how to use/understand stress and emphasis in different types of sentences, how to use/understand intonation of voice in different types of sentences, and how to use/understand typical English rhythm in rapid speech. The course assumes an investigatory approach to English pronunciation in that students are involved in recording and analyzing their own pronunciation, as well as the pronunciation of others.

ESL 101 Advanced English: Academic Reading and Writing This course is for students who are preparing to study at the university level. The course emphasizes reading strategies, vocabulary development, and writing reports and academic essays using source materials. Students have the opportunity to take a selected Arcadia University course with tutorial support.

ESL 102 Advanced Oral Communication This course focuses on the development of listening and speaking skills used in academic settings. Students learn to take notes from lectures, use English to solve problems and work in groups, give oral presentations, and communicate effectively on campus.

ESL 103 Advanced Academic Writing This course focuses on students writing various types of essays for academic purposes. Class topics include essay organization and development, coherence in writing, and the accurate use of grammar, punctuation, and mechanics.

ESL 104 Advanced Academic Reading This course prepares students to read academic texts more effectively and to discuss them with others in a university classroom. Class topics include effective note-taking, summarizing skills, responding critically, and posing/addressing discussion questions.

Bridge Course Descriptions

Undergraduate Bridge: ESL 102, 103, and 104 can serve as bridge courses for undergraduate students, depending on their individual language learning needs.

Graduate Bridge: ID 561 International Graduate Student Seminar is a required course for incoming international graduate students who do not have a previous degree from a U.S. university. This class focuses on tasks and skills required in university and professional settings: working in groups, giving presentations, participating in class discussion, taking notes from lectures, and writing academic reports and essays. Students must pass the course with a B- (80%) or higher.


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