Gender & Women’s Studies Minor

About the Minor in Gender and Women’s Studies

A minor in Gender and Women’s Studies offers an in-depth study of women and women’s issues from the perspective of different disciplines. Informed by varied feminist paradigms, the minor provides the opportunity to analyze and integrate knowledge from the unique vantage point of gender. Along with core courses in the social sciences and humanities, students can concentrate on critical aspects of women’s lives, such as the intersection of race, class and gender.

Requirements for the Minor in Gender and Women’s Studies

Students are required to select five courses (20 credits) from those listed in conjunction with the Gender and Women’s Studies Coordinator. Additional relevant courses may be counted toward the minor with the permission of the Coordinator. The interdisciplinary goal is achieved by taking courses that offer knowledge about aspects of women’s lives from the perspectives of different disciplines.

  • AN 150 The Family
  • AN/SO 220 Social Issues (Different offerings each semester)
  • EN 344 Special Studies Seminar (American Women Writers)
  • EN 350 Major Authors Seminar (Edith Wharton)
  • HS 336 Women in Western Society
  • PS 215 Gender Roles and Family Policy
  • PY 322 Psychology of Women
  • SO 229 Women in Society
  • SO 245 Gays and Lesbians in American Society
  • SO 250 Sex and Society
  • SO 270 Feminist Theories
  • SO 310 Social Movements
  • US 262 Sex, Sin, and Kin: The Genesis, Evolution and Future of Gender


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