International Studies/Political Science and International Relations and Diplomacy 3+2 Program

Leading to a B.A. in International Studies or Political Science and an M.A. in International Relations & Diplomacy

M.A.I.R.D. | Admissions Criteria | Program Structure & Requirements

About the 3+2 Program

  • International Studies track
  • Political Science track
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in five years
  • Rigorous program with international experience and practical field work
  • Opportunities to study abroad as an undergraduate
  • Graduate study in Paris for two years

This accelerated program integrates undergraduate and graduate training and provides comprehensive global learning opportunities. The program draws upon the diverse Arcadia undergraduate programs offered to International Studies and Political Science majors and the graduate program at the American Graduate School in Paris to enrich and complement each other.

This accelerated program meets the needs of students who want to pursue accelerated training in International Relations & Diplomacy, allowing for an intensive and rigorous five-year academic program that includes international experiences and practical fieldwork. This program allows talented students to pursue an accelerated option that is both more affordable and custom-designed to prepare them for a highly competitive job market.

About the M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy

The U.S.-accredited Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy at the American Graduate School in Paris provides students with the knowledge, skills, and contacts to pursue a career in a large range of branches of international affairs, including intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, government, diplomacy, international business, journalism, and academia. Courses are taught entirely in English, in Paris, France; no knowledge of French language is required to enroll.

A unique aspect of this international affairs program is its international character. The French setting of the school, the American educational process, and the multicultural classroom environment at AGS all combine to enhance the international experience of students. Furthermore, as a host to the headquarters of many intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, and international corporations, Paris offers a perfect stage to study international relations.

Admissions Criteria

Students entering at the time of matriculation to Arcadia must meet minimum criteria for the Honors Program. Students may also apply for entrance to the 3+2 program at the end of their first year of study. Students who satisfy the appropriate course and credit requirements in their first three years and maintain an undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 have assured admission to the International Relations and Diplomacy program at the American Graduate School in Paris.

Program Structure

The student will complete 128 credit hours toward the B.A. in either International Studies or Political Science and 36 hours toward the M.A. in International Relations & Diplomacy. This is achievable in five years because some of the course taken during the fourth year at the American Graduate School in Paris will count toward the undergraduate degree. The courses that count toward the undergraduate degree are the same as those taken by traditional graduate students not in an accelerated degree program. The Senior Capstone project will be completed in the third year at Arcadia.


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