Bachelor of Arts in Art

The Bachelor of Arts degree programs are designed either for students who want a background in art but prefer to take more courses outside the Department than a B.F.A. degree would allow or for students who want to focus on Art History as their major area in the liberal arts. Students can choose one of the following concentrations.

Art History

This concentration prepares students for graduate study in art history or for entry-level positions in a number of art-related areas, including gallery and museum work. Special attention is given to the relationship of art to other humanistic disciplines, as well as to a deeper understanding of art itself and the role it plays in communities and personal lives. Studio courses are included as sound preparation in creative procedures. Courses related to the historic, philosophic, religious and social backgrounds for art are recommended, along with a strong command of one or more foreign languages. Students are strongly encouraged to obtain a museum internship from one of the many museums in the Philadelphia area.

Pre-Art Therapy

This concentration prepares students for further graduate study in art therapy. The program develops studio skills and includes pre-professional studies in the behavioral and social sciences. The program meets the requirements of the American Art Therapy Association for graduate school entrance prerequisites.

Studio Art

This concentration prepares students for graduate study in either studio or art history, or for a number of career areas in art-related fields, depending on the courses selected and individual interests. Students interested in two major areas—such as art and English, or art and languages—might elect a dual major or take a broad spectrum of courses in both areas.


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