Requirements for a B.F.A. with Art Education Certification

Advisers: Associate Professor Leif Gustavson and Professor Robert Mauro

Students in the B.F.A. program earn certification in Art Education by completing the B.F.A. degree with a studio concentration. Completing requirements for a B.F.A. and Art Education Certification requires an extra 20 credits. This may take longer than four years. However, some areas of competency covered by the courses listed below can be fulfilled by experiences outside the formal class structure, thus reducing the number of credits required. Since requirements for certification are subject to change, students must consult the Department Chair.

NOTE: Students must receive approval of satisfactory fulfillment of all Education courses and internship from the Dean of School of Education and approval of satisfactory performance in art, including reaching thesis-level quality in a particular art discipline, from the Art and Design Department Chair before receiving certification. It is understood that fulfillment of graduation requirements on a degree program and all coursework shall not in itself guarantee certification.


1. The following courses, 56 credits in Art and Design and Art History, must be selected to meet certification requirements. Students also must fulfill requirements to complete a concentration within the B.F.A. (See requirements for the studio major under the B.F.A.) Studio coursework necessary for certification will count toward fulfilling B.F.A. requirements.

  • FA 102 Studio Art Foundations I
  • FA 103 Studio Art Foundations II
  • FA 104 Drawing I
  • FA  105 Drawing II
  • FA 206 Introduction to Graphic Design or FA 226  Illustration I or FA 300 Advanced Drawing or FA 214 Figure Modeling
  • FA 200 Painting I
  • FA 203 Printmaking I
  • FA 204 Ceramics I
  • FA 205 Metals and Jewelry I
  • FA 208 Photography I
  • FA 270 Digital Imaging I
  • FA  383 Senior Studio
  • FA  484 Senior Thesis Research Seminar
  • FA 490 Senior Thesis
  • Three advanced Studio electives in a specific Studio discipline.

2. Minimum of 12 credits from the following:

  • AH 111 Renaissance to Modern Art or AH 112 Egyptian to Medieval Art
  • AH 221 History of Modern Architecture or AH 222 Renaissance Art or AH 224 Baroque Art or AH 225 9th Century Art or LH 344 19th Century European Art (study abroad)
  • AH 326 Seminar: 1900 to 1950 or AH 328 Seminar: Contemporary Art or LH 354 20th Century Art (study abroad)

3. The following 20 credits in Art Education must be completed to meet the art certification requirements:

  • AE 300 The Uses of Theory in Art Education
  • AE 308 Curriculum Design in Art Education
  • AE/ED 419 Undergraduate Student Teaching Practicum, Art Education, K-12

In addition to meeting the B.F.A. and Art Education course requirements, students must complete the following courses:

Four courses in Education (additional 16 credits beyond B.F.A.)

  • ED 110 Teaching for Learning
  • ED 212 Child and Youth Development
  • ED 306 Strategies for Emergent and Content Literacy
  • ED 315 Differentiated and Individualized Instruction
  • ED 375 Managing an Inclusive Classroom
  • US 324 Understanding Language Learning: Using Two Languages Engage with the World

Two of the following courses in Mathematics (additional 8 credits beyond B.F.A.)

  • MA 110 Pre-Calculus Mathematics
  • MA 117 Mathematical Concepts I
  • MA 118 Mathematical Concepts II
  • MA 141 Elementary Statistics

One course in American Literature (additional 3 or 4 credits beyond B.F.A.): EN 229 Voices of America

The remaining core (or distribution), Modern Language and English requirements (32 or 33 credits)

Non-credit requirements: Familiarity with the areas of photography, film, television and related techniques. Experience with theater.

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