Slide and Digital Portfolio Requirements

Students sending their portfolios must send only slides or disk. Please note the following requirements:

Slide Portfolios

Slide portfolios must be sent in a 35mm slide sheet. These are available at photo and office supply stores. Include a typed list of slide images with corresponding numbers. The list should contain the student’s name, date completed, medium, size, and an indication of the source for the imagery (i.e., from life, from a photo, from imagination). Portfolios that do not follow the above format will be returned without being reviewed.

Digital Portfolios

Images should not exceed 800 ppi x 600 ppi. Acceptable file formats are the following:

  • PhotoShop PSD
  • PhotoShop TIFF
  • JPEG high quality
  • Acrobat PDF

Other file types must be self-running and Macintosh-compatible. Please check with the Department of Art and Design before submitting. Disks should be organized in a logical manner. A list of files with descriptions, including size and medium of original, is required with the disk.

Unreadable disks will be sent back. (DO NOT SEND YOUR ONLY COPY.)

The Department and the University assume no responsibility for lost or damaged files. The Department discourages students from submitting portfolios exclusively through a website.

Materials should be sent to: Office of Enrollment Management, Arcadia University, 450 S. Easton Road, Glenside, PA 19038-3295.

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