Biology and Physical Therapy

3+D.P.T. Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) with a B.A. in Biology (Accelerated)

This is an accelerated program for students interested in earning a B.A. in Biology and a D.P.T. In their fourth year, students in the 3+3 program begin their studies in the D.P.T. program. Two undergraduate-level courses, BI 475 and BI 476 (Biomedical Foundations I and II), are taken in this fourth year and are only available to students in the 3+3 program. These courses are equivalent to PT 675 and 676 taken by the other D.P.T. students.

Students must apply for admission into the 3+3 program directly from high school. Highly selective admissions criteria will be used to select academically talented students capable of handling the accelerated schedule. Matriculated students will not be accepted into the 3 + 3 program. Students who do not meet eligibility requirements of this accelerated program or who want more flexibility in their undergraduate program may follow the 4+3 program leading to the B.A. in Biology and the D.P.T. 

4+D.P.T. Assured Admission Program

This is a 4+D.P.T. pathway leading to the Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) degree from Arcadia University. Students frequently pursue an undergraduate major in a discipline such as Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Sociology, Business or Health Administration, but students can choose any major that captures their interest and that enables them to complete the prerequisite courses. 

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