Finding an Internship

Locating an internship is pretty much like finding any employment. You must:

  • know what you're looking for
  • identify potential employers
  • prepare your paperwork-a resume and letter of application.

Here's a step-by-step process for securing an internship:

  1. With the help of your academic adviser or career counselor, identify the kind of work you'd like to do on your internship, or the work setting in which you'd like to find an internship.
  2. Using the Philadelphia Job Bank or First Call For Help, and the internship directories found in the Career Information Center, make a list of 15 to 20 possible internship sites.
  3. From these listings or by telephone, get the name and title of the person in each firm or agency to whom your internship application is to be addressed.
  4. Write a resume, using Preparing Your Resume as a guide.  Talk with a career counselor if you need help.
  5. Write a letter of application, using Writing Your Cover Letter as a guide.  Talk with a career counselor if you need help.  Say in fairly simple terms what you want (an internship for what semester or period of time); how your education, experience and interest qualifies you for the internship; and what will happen next (you'll follow up).
  6. Send two letters a day so they don't all come due at once.
  7. Follow up with a telephone call a week after the letter is sent, and offer to come in for an interview.
  8. When you get close to the end of your list of potential employers, find 15 more and continue the process.  Repeat as necessary.

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