About the B.A. & B.S. in Chemistry

Chemistry: Ashley Hubal

  • Preparation for chemical professions, including research careers
  • Preparation for health professions, including medicine
  • Preparation for graduate school
  • Preparation for teaching with secondary education certification
  • Internship opportunities
  • 3+2 five-year accelerated program with master's in Forensic Science
  • Opportunities to study abroad at some of the top universities around the world

Degree options include a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Business.

The Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry features three concentrations. The Chemical Professions Concentration prepares students for chemical allied professions. The Health Professions Concentration prepares students for medical, dental, osteopathic and veterinary graduate programs or paramedical professions. The Forensic Science Concentration is designed for students who intend to pursue graduate study in Arcadia’s Forensic Science master’s program.

Arcadia’s programs include a variety of internship opportunities. The Chemistry program at Arcadia University is accredited by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Recent graduates have entered regional medical schools and graduate and doctoral programs at Princeton University, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, Cornell University, and the University of Notre Dame, among others.

The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry consists of core courses in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. The program prepares students for graduate work in chemistry, forensic science or chemical allied sciences, for professional employment in industrial chemical research and development, for professional medical programs, and for secondary and post-secondary teaching.

The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Business is designed for students who have an interest in chemistry but do not want a research career. With a dual major in Chemistry and Business, graduates of the program are prepared for positions in management, marketing, advertising, sales or other business activities in chemical and pharmaceutical companies. A highlight of the program is the senior-level internship, which involves placement in a chemical or pharmaceutical firm. The program is designed to meet the M.B.A prerequisite courses for many graduate institutions.

Arcadia's Chemistry programs provide a working knowledge of the concepts that underlie chemical and physical phenomena. Each course develops the ability to solve real scientific problems quantitatively using structural models, mechanisms and the integrated application of physicochemical principles. Technological and cultural scientific problems—such as environmental pollution, energy resources and conservation of natural resources—are explored, along with material in astronomy, geology, chemistry and physics.

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