Bachelor of Arts in Computing Technology Requirements

Note that some required courses may be offered evenings only or day only in certain semesters. Students should pay particular attention to the prerequisites for courses found in the course descriptions. Courses are often considered a series and must be taken in a specific order.

Common Curriculum for Both Option Programs

(32–36 credits as listed below, plus Undergraduate Curriculum and credit requirements.)

1. Eight courses in Computer Science

  • CS 107 Website Development I
  • CS 201 Problem-Solving with Algorithms and Programming I
  • CS 202Problem-Solving with Algorithms and Programming II
  • CS 225 Research Writing for Computer Science
  • CS 341 Computer Ethics or US 230 International Computer Ethics
  • CS 354 Database Management Systems Design
  • CS 490 Capstone CourseI
  • CS 491 Capstone Course II

2. One course in English

  • EN 315 Technical Writing

3. One course in Mathematics

  • MA 230 Discrete Structures

Additional Requirements for the Design Option

(15-19 additional credits)

1.Two courses in Fine Arts

  • FA 102 Studio Art Foundations I or FA 103 Studio Art Foundations II
  • FA 270 Digital Imaging I

2. Two of the following:

  • FA 206 Introduction to Graphic Design
  • FA 250 Graphic Design I (Typography)
  • FA 251 Graphic Design II (Interactive Design)
  • FA 271 Digital Imaging II
  • CM 268 Visual Media and the Web

3.One course in Computer Science

  • CS 306 Building Web Applications

Requirements for the Technical Option

(18–20 additional credits)

1. Three courses in Computer Science

  • CS 203 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis
  • CS 227 Computer Networking Fundamentals
  • CS 372 Data Communications I

2. Two of the following four courses in Business:

  • BA 201 Financial Accounting
  • BA 202 Managerial Accounting
  • BA 363 International Organizational Behavior
  • BA 369 Management Information Systems


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