Dual Degree Program in Counseling Psychology and International Peace and Conflict Resolution Goals and Objectives

Counseling Psychology Goals and Objectives

The master’s program in Counseling Psychology educates and socializes students to become practitioners skilled in the art of behavior assessment and change. Coursework integrates theory and practice—both within and outside of the classroom.

The Counseling Psychology program is structured to develop professional-level competence in:

  • Communication and listening
  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Interpersonal and cultural sensitivity
  • Understanding self through introspection and realistic self-critique
  • Adhering to professional, ethical and legal standards and behaviors
  • Generating and testing hypotheses about human behavior
  • Understanding the theories and techniques of counseling and behavior change
  • Using counseling skills in individual and group settings
  • Integrating and applying assessment, diagnostic, consultation and educational strategies

International Peace and Conflict Resolution Goals and Objectives

The IPCR program’s innovative curriculum allows students to develop an area of concentration within the discipline of international peace and conflict resolution, build an international network of contacts among the international conflict resolution community, and gain practical experience in the field. The IPCR program is structured to develop competencies in:

  • Theories and dynamics of conflict and resolution
  • Tools and techniques of conflict management, conflict resolution and conflict transformation
  • Understanding of how states and other third parties impact conflict
  • Knowledge of the methods used to diffuse conflict on a variety of levels— interpersonal, groups and institutions
  • An appreciation for the contributions of other disciplines to the field of peace and conflict resolution
  • The ability to recognize a number of qualitative and quantitative methods and understand data represented in research

Students can complete specialized courses in areas of a student’s choosing, including international law, sustainable development, mediation, health, and human rights.


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