Senior Capstone Project

The Senior Capstone Project is the opportunity for you to bring four years of coursework and academic and personal experiences together by engaging in an extended project in your major. What you do for your Senior Capstone Project depends on both your chosen field of study and your own personal interests. Each major department designs the parameters of the project to help you develop an expertise and synthesize the learning you’ve done at Arcadia. And you select the focus of your research, scholarly or creative activities.

Then when you’ve completed your Senior Capstone Project at the conclusion of your final year, you tell the world about your work during our campus-wide celebration of senior projects. Faculty members, family, and friends come out to learn about and enjoy the product of your academic labors. Art and Design majors host an exciting group exhibit. Majors in some departments give oral presentations describing their research and engage in lively discussion sessions. And those in other departments create visual displays of their work for interactive public poster fairs.

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