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Visual Culture in India

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All students will keep a journal of their travels, their cultural encounters in India and studies in Visual Culture in India.  Watch this space for the project. 

Visual Culture in India KellyHello! My name is Kelly Callahan and I am a Senior at Arcadia University. I have studied Elementary Education for the past 3 1/2 years, and finally decided I was ready for a change! The culture of India has always intrigued me, as I grew up in a Philadelphia suburb living next door to a wonderful Indian family. I was thrilled to see this opportunity for study and travel to India at Arcadia and knew that I couldn't let it pass. I am interested in studying all aspects of visual culture and history, yet will be mainly focusing on "Photography in India".

Visual Culture in India DanielleMy name is Danielle Crone and I’m a sophomore Video Communications major at Arcadia. Some things I am interested in are film, photography, soccer, snowboarding, and pretty much anything else that allows me to have some fun. When traveling to India I will be studying the significance of Bollywood cinema in Indian culture. I hope to learn everything from the history of Bollywood to the contemporary style in the films. I want to get as much out of this experience as I can. As a video major, I hope that my experiences in India will stay with me in my future career. 
Visual Culture in India DashiellMy name is Dashiell Davis. I am from Rhode Island, the smallest state in the U.S. I am a double major in video communications and theatre. I am a fanatical Frisbee player and I love to watch movies, even the obscure ones. I have a sharp sense of humor and can be very vindictive. I love to take pictures and I have traveled quite a bit in twenty years. I want to go to India to see somewhere outside the pond of the western world. My career aspirations (although they are very uncertain) tell me to get a job that involves video recording, or photography, and traveling. I am very open to new cultural experiences and usually actively seek them, which is probably the main reason I am going to India. Also, I hope to persuade you that I am not a stupid closed-minded westerner. 
Visual Culture in India JoLynneMy name is JoLynne Holloman and I am a sophomore at Arcadia University, with a major Print and Video Communications and a minor in Studio Art with a concentration in Photography.  The study of visual culture in India appeals to me greatly for two very specific reasons.  As a child, I grew up closely with children from India and learned about their culture and heritage.  Also, I believe this is the best opportunity to truly understand a culture—the chance to fully immerse oneself in it.  
Visual Culture in India MarcMy name is Marc Lombardo and I am a senior at Arcadia University in BFA in acting program. I am thrilled to be a part of Visual Cultures in India as it presents rare opportunity to be immersed in another country. I am very interested to explore the visual cultures of India, from its traditional theater, its aesthetics to its films. I am excited to work and travel with the other students in the class to further his understanding of this fine culture. 
Visual Culture in India Ren ManleyMy name is Ren Manley and I'm a junior at Arcadia. I'm currently working on a double major in Theatre Arts and Video Communications and am the president of our campus television station.  Thus far, I've studied abroad in London, England and Perugia, Italy and I'm ecstatic over the prospect of travelling to Asia for the first time. I'm very much interested in the way that other cultures see, represent, and act in the world, and therefore it comes as an exceptional opportunity to study and visit a country whose culture comes from a history that is so vastly different from the westernized way of life I've always experienced.  

Visual Culture in India AliciaMy name is Alicia Mercado and I'm currently a first semester Junior and a Video Production major at Arcadia University. I have always been interested in Indian culture, especially in film.  I saw my first Bollywood movie on television at the age of ten and I was instantly fascinated.  There was something about Bollywood that spoke to me in a whole new and exciting way.  When I heard that there would be an opportunity for me to study the visual culture of India, I jumped at the chance.  Being able to travel abroad to experience India firsthand will be an amazing and humbling experience that will not only broaden my horizons, but also make me a more rounded student and a more complete person.  

Visual Culture in India JamesMy name is James Musselman, and I am a twenty-four year old senior at Arcadia University. I came to this school in fall of 2006 after earning an Associate’s Degree at Montgomery County Community College. In May, I plan to graduate from Arcadia with a B.A. in Communications and a concentration in Print. I love to write and hope to do so professionally once I have my degree. I have enjoyed my time in college, so I hope to continue my schooling in upcoming years as well. In addition to writing, I enjoy playing the drums in my spare time.

I first took interest in India last spring in a class on visual cultures during which I was told about the temples at Khajuraho. Later in that course, I learned about the ease with which Indians embrace contradiction and the unique cultural and visual atmosphere that results. I became even more intrigued by the country this past summer while contributing to a project in which I researched visual culture in India. There are several areas that I would like to look further into, including the film industry of Bombay, the architecture of temples and the cityscapes of urban centers. I have recently taken a particular interest in the role of the visual in Hindu practices, especially the notion of darśan. I am also fascinated by the way photographic images are religiously utilized in India. Consequently, I have chosen to make religion and the visual my primary topic of focus for the course.

Visual Culture in India CindyHello!  My name is Cindy Spitko and I am a Senior Acting major.  Ever since last spring semester when I was studying in Sydney, Australia, my interesting traveling has grown exponentially.  India is a country that has always fascinated me, especially in its unique culture.  My good friend Ren and I will be focusing mainly on the temples and sculptures in Khajuraho.  I think it’s important for people, especially those of us from America, to see other parts of the world.  Whether consciously or not, traveling changes your perspective on the way that you think and live your life, based on positive and negative experiences.  I’m looking forward to this experience so much that, quite possibly, I might burst. 

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