Barbara NodineDr. Barbara Nodine

Professor of Psychology

Dr. Barbara Nodine is co-author of Writing in the Arts and Sciences, Reading in the Arts and Sciences, and Thinking, Reasoning, and Writing, as well as numerous research articles. As a former president of the American Psychological Association's Division on Teaching in Psychology, her interest in undergraduate teaching of psychology is evidenced by her activities on various committees and consultancies to evaluate psychology departments. She has also consulted extensively on incorporating writing into disciplinary courses at colleges across the country. A specialist in cognitive psychology and its applied aspects, Dr. Nodine is the author of a study guide to accompany and direct the student learning of an introductory psychology text published by Macmillan Publishers.

Representative Publications and Presentations

Nodine, B.F. (2007). "Improving our teaching; integrating the components." Invited discussion leader, Eastern Psychological Association, Philadelphia, PA.

Nodine, B.F. (2006). "An Autobiographical Look at My Teaching Career." In B. Buskist, B. Beins, C. Burke, T. Benson, A. Amdstadter, & R. Siney (Eds.), The Teaching of Psychology in Autobiography: Perspectives from Psychology’s Best Teachers. Society for the Teaching of Psychology Web Site.

Nodine, B.F., Korn, J.H., Shore, C., & Benassi, V. (2006). "Assessment Methods: Does your plan work?; Integrating philosophy, methods, and assessment of teaching." Workshops presented at New England Psychological Association, Manchester, NH.

Benjamin, L.T., Nodine, B.F., Ernst, R., & Blair-Broeker, C. (1998). Activities Handbook Vol IV. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Korn, J.H., Sweetman, M.B., & Nodine, B.F. (1996). "An analysis of and commentary on consultants’ reports on undergraduate psychology programs." Teaching of Psychology, 23:14-19.

White, S.C., Bruno, A., & Nodine, B.F. (1994). "A model for enhancing the transfer skills and aspirations of community college students." Journal for Excellence in College Teaching, 5:109-120

Maimon, E., Nodine, B., & O’Connor, F. (1989). Thinking, Reasoning, and Writing. White Plains, NY: Longman Pub.

Maimon, E., Belcher, G., Hearn, G., Nodine, B., & O’Connor, F. (1984) Readings in the Arts and Sciences. Boston: Little Brown.

Maimon, E., Belcher, G., Hearn, G., Nodine, B., & O’Connor, F. (1981) Writing in the Arts and Sciences. Boston: Little Brown.

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