Steve Robbins

Dr. Steven Robbins

Professor of Psychology

Dr. Robbins is co-author of the textbook, Psychology of Learning and Behavior (Norton, 5th Ed.). He has published numerous journal articles and chapters on animal learning and on behavioral and cognitive mechanisms involved in human drug addiction. Dr. Robbins' research has been funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) and by the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs. His current research interests include the contributions of personality factors, attentional mechanisms, and environmental events to human drug taking, the accuracy of self-reported information, and the efficacy of treatment.

Recent Publications

  • Bell, C. E., & Robbins, S. J. (2007). "Effect of Art Production on Negative Mood: A Randomized, Controlled Trial." Art Therapy, 24(2), 71-75.
  • Benjamin, A. M, & Robbins, S. J. (2007). "The Role of Framing Effects in Performance on the Balloon Analogue Risk Task (BART)." Personality and Individual Differences, 43(2), 221-230.
  • Shif, O., Gillette, K., Damkaoutis, C.M., Carrano, C., Robbins, S.J., & Hoffman, J.R. (2006). "Effects of Ginkgo biloba administered after spatial learning on water maze and radial arm maze performance in young adult rats." Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior, 84:17-25.
  • Armeli, C., Robbins, S.J., Eunpu, D. (2005). "Comparing knowledge of β-Thalassemia in samples of Italians, Italian-Americans, and Non-Italian-Americans." Journal of Genetic Counseling, 14, 365-376.
  • Hoffman, J.R., Donato, A., Robbins, S.J. (2004). "Ginkgo biloba promotes short-term retention of spatial memory in rats." Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior, 77, 533-539.
  • Robbins, S.J. & Ehrman, R.N. (2004). "The role of attentional bias in substance abuse." Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Reviews, 3, 243-260.
  • Brown, N., Gillem, A., Robbins, S., & Lafleur, R. (2002-2003). "The effect of black women’s skin tone on college students’ ratings of their employability: a preliminary study." Journal of Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences, 17, published online.
  • Ehrman, R.N., Robbins, S.J., Bromwell, M., Lankford, M., Monterosso, J., & O’Brien, C.P. (2002). "Comparing attentional bias to smoking cues in current smokers, former smokers, and non-smokers using a dot-probe task." Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 67, 185-191.

Recent Support

  • National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) and the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

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