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Q: Will the grades and courses count?

Yes! All students who study in Arcadia programs will receive letter grades that count toward the undergraduate GPA. Pre-departure advising guarantees that all credits will count.

Q: How many semesters can a student spend abroad?

Many Arcadia students consider multiple international experiences. Arcadia's new Majors Abroad Programs (MAPs) actually require two semesters abroad. Students in the First-Year Study Abroad Experience (FYSAE), for example, often spend another semester abroad during the sophomore or junior year. Students can explore short, medium and long-term options with faculty advisers and the staff at Arcadia's Office of International Affairs.

Q: Can someone who studies abroad still graduate on time? 

Yes, with advance planning and appropriate expectations! Students and their faculty advisers ensure that the semester or year abroad integrates into their academic plans.

Faculty advisers and staff in the Office of International Affairs help each student identify a program and location that fits his or her educational goals and enables the student to stay on track for graduation. Detailed curricular options and suggestions are provided for every major under the Pathways to Study Abroad links on the University's Web site,

Arcadia's Undergraduate Curriculum makes it easier than ever to meet graduation requirements while exploring study overseas. Rather than a checklist of courses that need to be taken, a student in Arcadia's curriculum explores areas of inquiry and masters intellectual practices. All students have a sustained Global Connections experience that can be fulfilled through study abroad or a cross-cultural experience within the United States. Arcadia's curriculum provides the breadth of liberal arts learning, from creative expression to quantitative reasoning. It also provides integrative learning experiences (internships, research projects, interdisciplinary seminars, etc.) that prepare students to contribute and prosper in a diverse global economy.


Q: What if a student isn't sure about spending a whole semester abroad? 

In addition to the traditional semester abroad, Arcadia has pioneered a number of programs designed to introduce students to study abroad, including the Preview programs offered during spring break of the freshman year. Arcadia offers Preview to London, Scotland, Spain or Ireland to eligible freshmen for $495 in 2011 (including transportation, housing and programmed activities). Transfer students are eligible to go on Italy Preview.

Additional short-term international courses led by faculty are offered annually and include a Glenside-based semester-long course and an overseas segment for 7-10 days. Education majors also can complete a seven-week student teaching practicum in either London or Canterbury, England. Some students find that a summer internship abroad meets both their major requirements for an integrative learning experience as well as their desire to learn abroad. Arcadia's College of Global Studies also offers numerous summer programs.

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