Honors Program Admission Policy

Entering freshmen who score 1870 (all three sections) or better on the SAT or 28 or better on the ACT Composite and are ranked in the top 10 percent of their high school class (if their school ranks students) will be considered for admission into the program. Transfer students with a GPA of 3.35 or better will be reviewed. Also, current full-time Arcadia students can self-nominate for the program if they have a 3.35 GPA or higher.

Credentials from all groups are reviewed for demonstrated excellence in academics, leadership, and service. There is no separate application for admission into the Honors Program. Final decisions are based on the credentials of the candidates and the availability of space within the program.

Some Benefits of the Honors Program

  1. Honors students are given priority registration for classes.
  2. Honors students are permitted to take up to 20 credits per semester.
  3. Honors students are entitled to participate in Spring Preview for free.
  4. Honors students are members of the Honors Council, which organizes regular social, cultural and community service events.


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