Internet Resources for Teachers

American Association for the Advancement of Science 
The most important science site for K-12 educators.  Online Benchmarks, Standards, Access to Conference Proceedings and much more.  Home of Project 2061. 

Access ExcellenceOrg 
A national educational program that provides high school biology and life science teachers access to their colleagues, scientists, and critical sources of new scientific information via the World Wide Web.

Interactive media to enhance excellent teaching in America's schools

Art Enclyclopedia
Explore 125,000 great works of art

Beginning Teacher's Toolbox 
Resources for new teachers

Big Chalk
Comprehensive site with broad spectrum of educational internet services.  Education Network with Homework Central, great study and research collection.

Blue Web
A library of award winning learning sites on the Web

Classroom Connect
One of the most well known sites of learning resources for K-12 educators and students.  It has information and resources for every content area and developmental level.  Be sure to check out the links.

Climate Change Kids Site  

This site looks at climate change - what it is, why it matters, and what kids can do about it.  Games, animations, a climate change calculator and quizzes are provided.  (Environmental Protection Agency)

Collection contains units and lesson plans developed by teachers for Core Knowledge students


Council for Exceptional Children

Dare to Compare  

Invites you to test your knowledge against students nationally and around the world.  Pick a grade and subject: civics, economics, geography, history, math or science.  (Department of Education)

Digital History

Discipline Help
How to handle specific misbehaviors

Discovery Education
An EXCELLENT website for classroom projects

Discovery School
Fresh ideas to enhance learning

Education@National Geographic
Connections to educational materials provided by National Geographic

Education World

Educational Cyber-Playground
Educational content, online curricula, experts, custom research

Educational Cyber-Playground for Teachers
Database of information for teachers, administrators and parents

Educational Leadership
An Educational Collection of Elementary Activities

Educator's Net
An educational information and search site.  "The World's #1 Education Search Engine" offering 10,000+ education resources.

For preschool, kindergarten and primary grades--crafts, printouts, learning pages, games, info and activities pages to stimulate creativity and learning enjoyment.

Energy Star Kids  

This site helps students see where energy comes from, how it is used, and what they can do in their own room to conserve it.  (Environmental Protection Agency)

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse 
Materials for math and science

Encyclopedia of Life 

The Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) is a project to organize and make available via the Internet virtually all information about life present on Earth. At its heart lies a series of Web sites hat provide the entry points to this vast array of knowledge. The entry-point for each site is a species page suitable for the general public, but with several linked pages aimed at more specialized users.

EPA's Sunwise Program  

This site provides activities to teach children (K-8th Grade) about the ozone layer, UV radiation, and how to be safe in the sun.  Sign up to receive a free activity kit and access to other educational resources.  (Environmental Protection Agency)


Teacher Institute Podcasts 

Includes hundreds of education resources supported by agencies across the U.S. Federal government

Forces of Change
Smithsonian National Institute of Natural History

Gateway to Educational Materials
The Gateway to Educational Materials Project is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education. A one-stop, any-stop access to high quality lesson plans, curriculum units and other education resources on the Internet.

Genetics: Tour the Basics  

This site uses animation to answer six questions: What is DNA? What are genes? What are chromosomes? What is a protein? What is heredity? What is a trait? (University of Utah, National Institutes of Health) 

Geography World

Global Schoolhouse

Google Earth
Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips.  View exotic locales like Maui and Paris as well as points of interest such as local restaurants, hospitals, schools, and more. 

History Happens

Homework Spot
Everything a teacher, parent and student needs.  Classified by grade levels and subjects.

Institute for Learning Technologies-Columbia University

International Reading Association

Curricula, Lessons and Activities

Math Forum
Everything about math including "Ask Dr. Math".  Discussion groups, problem of the week, math resources, math education, and issues in math.

MI Kids
Games, music, books, coloring pages for K-2 and 3-6

An Aeronautics and Space Resource for Education since 1988

National Association for Special Education Teachers 

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (Old Nichy)
Resources for positive methods for change in the classroom including avoiding power struggles, discipline tips: what works, what doesn't, tips for classroom management and teaching students to manage their own behavior

National Education Association

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives 
Interactive online learning units that deal with topics such as geometry, arithmetic, and trigonometry including tutorials designed for educators who wish to use the materials as well as another tutorials that will teach educators how to create lessons and activities. Delving into the learning materials at the site, visitors can browse through the learning modules by subject or grade level. Visitors can also browse teacher published lessons, all of which have been vetted by staff members at the National Library.

National Science Foundation

NY Times Learning Network: Teacher Connection 
Education articles from the NY Times

Nineteenth Century Irish Immigration

Ontario Science Center Online 

Free resources for educators

PaTTan is an initiative of the Pennsylvania Department of Education working in partnership with families and local education agencies to support programs and
services to improve student learning and achievement

PBS Online

Pennsylvania History

Phi Delta International Organization

An index specifically for the cataloging of education websites and materials; ProTeacher is an up and coming player looking to index the best of what's available, so be sure to submit worthy URL's while you are visiting.  Includes lesson plans, materials, and education news.

Resources for Special Ed and All Teachers

Space science, earth science, biological and physical science, solar storms, and thunderstorms, this site has it all.

Science NetLinks 
American Association for the Advancement of Science, this site strives to be a comprehensive "homepage" for K-12 science educators.

Smithonian's History Explorer 

Space Environment Center
The official site for space weather alerts, warnings and forecasts
Daily updates on auroras, meteor showers, and other space science info.  Links to NASA.

Spanish Resources for Students and Teachers

Plenty of ideas for handling a range of behavior challenges

Teaching Ben Franklin

Teaching Tips Index 
Teaching topics discussed including the first day, dealing with stress, organization, questioning and communicating with adults and students.

Try Science
A site that proves science really is fun!

Urban Programs Resource Network
Numerous links to science, health and earth related pages for teachers and students

U.S. Department of Education
Federal resources for educational excellence

U.S. Department of Education Digital Workshops

U.S. National Virtual Observatory

Vincent van Gogh Tour  

Provides a brief overview of van Gogh's life and looks at seven of his paintings. (National Gallery of Art) 

Why Files Interactives  

Features the latest news in science, math and technology. Make rainbows, control a tornado, play with lightning, make a snowflake, and hit a home run. (University of Wisconsin - Madison and the National Science Foundation) 

YES I Can! Science 
A database of curriculum resources for K-12 science teachers

You Learn It! A Comprehensive List of Educational Resources




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