Minor Requirements

Philosophy Minor

(20 credits as listed below)

Five courses in Philosophy

  • PL 150 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PL 155 Applied Logic
  • Three Philosophy electives, chosen by the Department on the basis of individual interests and needs

Religion Minor

A Religion minor offers an opportunity for academic study as well as personal exploration of religion. The minor is based on a widely accepted, two-fold definition of religion: “religion” as an organized belief, practice or institution, and “religion” as ultimate concern, which is the fundamental basis of all reality, giving meaning to life out of personal conviction and commitment.

(20 credits as listed below)

Introductory course

  • RE 101 Exploring Religion (required of all minors)

Religion and Culture courses

  • RE 322 Religion and Personality: The Psychology of Religion
  • RE 328 The Future in Science and Religion
  • RE 113 Contemporary Religious Problems
  • RE 317 Religion and Its Expression in Literature

Religion and Literature courses

  • RE 115 Understanding the Old Testament
  • RE 116 Jesus and His Contemporaries: Understanding the New Testament
  • RE 117 Essentials of Judaism

World Religions course

  • RE 114 Living Religions of the World

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