Students with no background in Spanish must complete the series Spanish 101/102/201 before entering the major. Students who have a previous knowledge of Spanish will be placed according to their performance on the Spanish placement inventory.

Students enrolled in Spanish as a major ordinarily complete 50 percent of the required courses at and beyond the 200 level at Arcadia University. The senior seminar and the thesis must be developed under the supervision of an Arcadia University faculty member.

Courses taken abroad as part of an international educational experience will be recognized and accepted for transfer credit provided they are not a repetition of similar courses taken at Arcadia University. Students must consult with their advisers before departing and engaging in courses abroad.

Students majoring in Spanish are advised to spend one full semester or at least one summer session in one of the programs organized and coordinated by Arcadia's College of Global Studies.

Up to two bilingual courses with a Spanish or Latin American content can be counted toward the Spanish major plus one departmental course in linguistics taught in English. Only one can be counted toward the minor.

Requirements for the B.A. in Spanish 

(44 credits total)

1. The following courses are required (34 credits):

  • One departmental class concerning Latin America
  • One departmental linguistics class taught in English
  • SP 202 Intermediate Spanish Language and Culture
  • SP 203 Spanish Conversation I or SP 204 Spanish Conversation II
  • SP 205 Introduction to Spanish Culture
  • SP 233 Spanish Conversation and Composition I
  • SP 490 Senior Thesis I (4 credits Fall)
  • SP 491 Senior Thesis II (2 credits Spring)

2. Elective Courses (180 credits)

  • SP 207 Spanish Pop Culture
  • SP 214 Survey of Spanish Literature
  • SP 215 Survey of Latin American Literature
  • SP 235 Spanish Through Translation
  • SP 240 Spanish for Medical Careers
  • SP 241 Spanish for Social Services
  • SP 242 Spanish for Business
  • SP 270 The Hispanic Experience in Philadelphia
  • SP 285 Selected Topics in Spanish
  • SP 314 Contemporary Spanish Literature
  • SP 315 Contemporary Latin American Literature
  • SP 326 The Hispanic World through Film
  • SP 333 Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition II
  • ML 370 Career Internship in Modern Languages
  • SP 385 Special Topics in Spanish
  • SP 389 Independent Study: Spanish
  • US 234 Representations of the Spanish Civil War
  • US 236 Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Spain: from Eden to Exile

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