Career Paths for M.F.A. Graduates

MFA Residency at KOP Workshop 

In Arcadia’s M.F.A. program, students produce a publishable manuscript while studying the craft of writing. This process prepares students for professional work in many arenas and, after graduation, they have several career options to choose from, including:

  • Editing: A career in editing is an especially appealing option for students who gain experience working on a literary journal during their time in an M.F.A. program. Editors can work in a range of settings, including:
    • advertisement and public relations agencies
    • corporations
    • magazines
    • media outlets
    • nonprofit and government organizations
    • universities
  • Publishing: M.F.A graduates also may pursue a career in publishing, working for a small or large press.
  • Teaching at the university level: The M.F.A. is considered a terminal degree in academia, so those who hold it are qualified to teach both creative writing and composition at the university level.
  • Teaching secondary education: M.F.A. graduates also can pursue a career in secondary education in public school as long as they obtain any needed state certifications. Teaching in private schools also is an option.
  • Writing: In addition to seeking publication for their own creative work, M.F.A. graduates can write for magazines, newspapers, companies and organizations. This includes business, marketing, professional, technical, pharmaceutical and medical writing. Full-time, part-time and freelance opportunities are available.

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